Associated Cities Terms and Conditions

By applying to be an Associate City, the candidate city agrees on the following terms and conditions.

  1. The language of communication with the programme and between partner and associate cities will be English.
  2. Associate cities will compromise human resources, up to two persons, as Focal Points of contact with the Programme with the Associate City. One of the Focal Points will be a high-level representative of the city, and the other one will be a very strong technical profile to advance on the development of the assessment tool technically (inputting data and info) and in charge of the consultancies with the tools of the programme. These Focal Points will be responsible of coordination between the Programme and the City Council to achieve the goals of the Associate City in the development of the programme.
  3. Associate Cities will also be responsible of the mobilization of resources and execution of the assessments or consultancies needed in collaboration with the Programme, who will provide guidance and assessment to achieve the goals of this collaboration.
  4. Focal Points will be available to contact by email or phone at any time of the collaboration with the programme, and will provide requested information about the city and the development of the programme.
  5. All materials submitted will become property of the programme. The programme is granted to a limited, non-exclusive, royalty-free and worldwide license to reproduce, distribute, edit, adapt or create derivative works from the materials submmited.
  6. By providing Application Materials the applicant warrants the programme that the applicant has the right to provide the information submitted, that applicant is the source of all Application Materials and that Application Materials do not infringe upon or violate the rights of any person or entity, neither any law or regulation. Applicant indemnifies from any loss, damage and expense caused by any claim, action or judgement arising from the breach of these warranties.
  7. Associate cities will be provided with access to the web platform where they will share experiences and best practices with other cities participating in the programme. All materials shared through this platform will be under the privacy policy terms published on the platform itself.
  8. Associate cities will receive from the programme guidance and support to go through the assessment and tools of the programme, but the task of going through the assessment and tools is responsibility of the city.
  9. Cities will not receive direct funding from the programme but will be provided with guidance and support on where to make changes, improvements and investments to build resilience.
  10. After the approval of a candidate city proposal, the new Associate City will be provided with some documentation, access to a Private Area of the website, and the current version of the City Resilience Profiling Tool (CRPT) to start the development of the programme, as this is the tool actually being developed and tested with partner cities.
  11. After the delivery of the current version of the CRPT, the Programme Team will perform some online training with the Focal Points in order to start evaluating the tool. In a period of a month the Associate City will submit their general evaluation impressions on the tool together with an initial approach and planning to start working with the tool.

Associate Cities Application