UN-Habitat joined the RESCCUE project


UN-Habitat early this year joined the RESCCUE project

The RESCCUE project launched in May 2016 (“RESilience to cope with Climate Change in Urban arEas –a multi sectorial approach focusing on water”) aims to provide practical and innovative models and tools to end-users facing climate change challenges to build more resilient cities.

Funded through the EC H2020 window, the project will provide tools to assess urban resilience from a multisectorial approach, for current and future climate scenarios and including multiple hazards.

This holistic approach to urban resilience will enable city managers and urban systems operators to decide the optimal investments to cope with future situations.

RESCCUE is a 48-month duration project built around three research sites Barcelona, Lisbon, Bristol, and is led by a consortium of 18 partners led by Aquatec, Suez Water Advanced Solutions.