Intensive 48-month collaboration to increase urban resilience in Asunción

Susceptible to flooding and other natural hazards, and facing the rapid urbanization that has characterized many large cities in Latin America over previous decades, this collaboration will give increased impetus to the city’s urban resilient efforts. The city’s commitment is articulated in its strategic objective to, ‘Increase and improve the capacity to respond when hazards arise’, and this collaboration with UN-Habitat will be one of its central pillars.

The model of urban resilience promoted by UN-Habitat’s CRPP is system-based and stakeholder-centred and, in this sense, it is fully aligned with the city’s people-centred approach. For UN-Habitat, this collaboration is one of numerous engagements with city administrations across the globe to build urban resilience through the City Resilience Profiling Program and it is hoped that the Asunción collaboration will set a precedent for other cities in Latin America.

Press release from the City Council of Asunción: