Associated Cities

The City Resilience Profiling Programme (CRPP) is developing a comprehensive and integrated urban planning, development and management protocols founded on the principles of ‘resilience’ that dynamically underpin and improve capacity to protect urban citizens and their assets from all shocks and stresses affecting city systems.

The CRPP is now inviting cities interested in engaging with UN-Habitat and other partners in this ambitious but critical programme developing and implementing a methodology for establishing new planning tools and protocols that integrate resilience targets within a sustainable urban development agenda.

Through CRPP, associated cities will benefit from:

  1. Improved definition of what urban resilience means, how to measure it, and to monitor it against new standards currently being developed.
  2. Galvanizing technical, political and financial support on where to make changes, improvements and investments to build resilience to natural disasters and other crises, and strengthen urban systems and their sustainability
  3. Operational menu of global and country specific tools and expertise in addressing urban resilience.
  4. Strengthening multi stakeholder coordination (urban managers, planners, architects, politicians, etc.) and creating transversal collaboration to achieve resilience targets.

The application

Cities interested in becoming an Associate City of the programme should send their expressions of interest (EoI) to be evaluated for the CRPP Secretariat through this email address

EoI will be submitted under the following guidelines:

  1. The application email has to explicitly detail:
    • Name, contact data and organization of the person submitting the application.
    • The permission of the City Government to submit the application.
    • The agreement with the terms and conditions of the application.
  2. Submissions of EoI should be in PDF format, not more than 2000 words in English, and may contain photos, or other descriptive graphics.
  3. Provide from one to five pictures with iconic views of your city (minimum A3 printing size format). If you happen to know the authorship of this photograph please share it with us. No reserved copyright photographs are allowed.
  4. Provide a narrative of no more than 1000 words describing your city, its location, size, population, and exposure to any type of hazard, from natural to human-made hazards, and also plans and actions being held to minimize the impact of these hazards.
  5. Provide completely filled this City Index Card
  6. Provide a narrative of no more than 1000 words outlining why your city should be selected to develop the City Resilience Profiling systems (see criteria below).
  7. Submit a letter of commitment signed by the Mayor of the City or some authorized representative of the Municipality. This letter has to include the following items:
    • The city’s Mayor, Chief Executive Officer or other representative agreement with the information submitted with the application.
    • The commitment to provide the necessary support to develop the collaboration with the programme.
    • The commitment of two Focal Points will be explicitly consigned in the letter, with names and contact data of the Focal Points compromised.
    • One of the Focal Points will be a high-level representative of the city, and the other one will have a very strong technical profile to advance the implementation of the assessment tool, and liaise directly with CRPP focal points.
    • Focal points can be workers of the municipality or any other institution or organization with delegate authority from the municipality.
    • This delegation of authority must be expressed either in the letter of commitment or in a separate document.

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